Environmental Monitoring and Water Quality Testing

AquaTerra personnel have been conducting environmental monitoring since 2003. We keep an in-house inventory of monitoring equipment including pH, conductivity, chlorine and ORP meters as well as oxygen probes and turbidity meters. We have been formally trained in ‘Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects’ and have successfully completed monitoring for a variety of construction-related works including ‘big-box’ commercial developments, bridge construction and rehabilitation projects, gun ranges, trail and road construction projects, resorts, single- and multi-family residential developments, and dredging and channel maintenance operations.

Often, environmental monitoring also includes other key components offered by AquaTerra personnel including Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) monitoring, fish salvages, and habitat management considerations. As such, we are able to provide you with a value-added service without additional costs.

AquaTerra is also involved with water quality testing for lakes, rivers and during watermain upgrade / replacement projects. Specifically, certain municipalities require monitoring of chlorine, ammonium and turbidity levels prior to the activation of a line. AquaTerra personnel have the necessary equipment in-house and provide this service at a competitive rate.

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