Habitat Compensation, Enhancement, Restoration and Reclamation Division

AquaTerra Environmental offers design, management, and implementation (construction, monitoring and planting) services for habitat enhancement, compensation, restoration and reclamation projects (inclusive of planting teams, native plants, soil/fertilizer and machinery [i.e., excavators], as required). These types of projects are often a component of funded habitat improvement projects, municipal reclamation projects, and species-at-risk habitat restoration projects. Moreover, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) may periodically request fish habitat compensation to offset unavoidable impacts incurred as a result of a project.

AquaTerra works with municipal and regional governments as well as First Nations, non-profit organizations and developers and has been involved in numerous habitat improvement projects garnering international attention including:

  • Urban lake enhancement strategy;
  • Fish passage improvements to watercourses in Burnaby, Mission, Surrey and Abbotsford;
  • Planting prescriptions / plans and implementation to improve wastewater discharge quality;
  • Planting prescriptions / plans and implementation to prevent on-going slope instability and erosional issues;
  • Large-scale reclamation strategy and implementation within a non-dyked portion of the Alouette River with a focus on species-at-risk;
  • Design and implementation of estuarine embayments to improve habitat function;
  • Pacific Water Shrew habitat reclamation prescriptions and implementation at watercourses where shrews have been identified; and
  • Planting prescriptions and implementation for development projects to offset impacts and to meet development permit conditions.

We provide the following services relating to habitat enhancement, compensation, reclamation and restoration:

  • Development of site-specific native riparian planting plans
  • Habitat restoration, enhancement and reclamation design focused on species-at-risk/species of management concern
  • Fish passage enhancement
  • Construction of spawning, rearing and over-wintering habitat
  • Off-channel habitat design
  • Off-site compensation strategies
  • Engineered wetland design input
  • Water quality, detention pond and settling pond design input
  • Watercourse relocation and enhancement
  • Watercourse complexing
  • Estuarine / marine habitat enhancement.
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