Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden Koi Salvage

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AquaTerra volunteered its personnel and equipment to assist in facilitating the salvage of remaining koi at Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden. AquaTerra worked collaboratively with the Vancouver Park Board, Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, and the Vancouver Aquarium personnel. We utilized our 100 ft. seine net to corral the two (2) remaining adult koi and transfer via hand nets to aerated holding totes for transfer to the Vancouver Aquarium. Approximately 200-300 juvenile koi were also captured and relocated. We also undertook hand netting and electrofishing to assess for any other adult and juvenile koi following completion of the seining. The work was undertaken given the cultural importance and heritage value of the koi to the garden, and AquaTerra utilized its experience with fish salvages on various other projects to expeditiously complete the salvages.

Video link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ddit6s1aylejc5w/AABTEtQ_VoebZ0iUkDi0O7tTa?dl=0

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